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"It is important for you to teach your children that we are all connected to each other and that we must always show love and concern for each other.  Children by nature love unconditionally and uninhibitedly."

                                ~ Elizabeth M. Evans


"Embracing the Gift of Parenthood" 


"Embracing the Gift of Parenthood: How to Create a Loving Relationship with Your Children"


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Beth live on Les Brown Talk Radio again!

Once again I had a great time participating on the Les Brown Show. The topic he chose was “How Do You Build Self Esteem in your Children”. . He encouraged parents to call in and share what they were doing to develop self-esteem in their children. This is such an important topic so much so that in my book “Embracing the Gift of Parenthood” I thread the essence of this throughout the fabric of each chapter in different angles. It really speaks to how by loving ourselves and showing our children what that looks like, we model loving one’s self. It also speaks to showing our children that we love them and that they are worthy of being loved.


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Elizabeth Stone once said:

"Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."


                           What do I mean when I say that my child is a gift in my life?


Let me start by defining the word “gift” in terms of the Webster’s Dictionary so that while we are engaged in this conversation we have the same understanding. According to the definition “gift” means: That which is given; a natural endowment.


Perhaps the most amazing perception of our relationship with our children is that we must see parenting as a being given a gift.  It is not something to take lightly.  It is absolutely a divine interaction on the part of “Great Spirit”.  Sometimes we are very intentional in our desire to be parents and we make all kind of promises if we are blessed with a child.  I can remember every conversation I had with God about my yearning to have the honor to bring life into this world.  I prayed for the chance to be a mother.  I prayed for the opportunity for my husband to have the experience of being a father.  All of my life I felt that I was ordained to be a nurturer.  My life’s purpose was engulfed in being with children so that I could make a difference in the quality of their lives.   I promised God that if he gave me a child, I would give that child back to Him.  This is a covenant that cannot be broken. When you think of being given a gift, you think of something that you usually are excited about receiving.  There are feelings of anticipation and curiosity as you try to analyze what you are being given.  You wonder if it is something that you have been wanting and waiting for, a long time, but didn’t dare to mention.  You wonder if it is something that you hoped for but didn’t want to get it for yourself because it was so valuable, and you didn’t know if you were worthy of it.  You wonder if something happens to this gift what kind of loss you will experience.  If we can ask ourselves these questions about something that is temporal and material, how expansive and deep must we question the receiving of this gift that is priceless?



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