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Virtual Community Advocating for Children


 A Community that advocates for children by having an exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences committed to dealing with the challenges our children, families, and educators face in this global society.


We would like to invite you to join our Virtual Community and participate in this movement to create a sacred life for children. Your passion and energy are needed to set this vibration into the universe.



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Are you affiliated with any other organization that represents the interest and welfare of children? If yes, which one(s)? Also, what are your areas of interest?


Advocating for children
If not us, then who will come to the aid of our children? 
They are waiting for us to awaken and raise our voices on their behalf."  
    -Elizabeth Evans, founder
Heart 4 Kids was founded by Elizabeth Evans in 1999 in an effort to engage her Child Development students to take an active interest in the welfare of yound children. Since that time the organization is under reconstruction as Elizabeth attempts to move the organization into a global effort, to support the quality of life for children and families. Elizabeth welcomes your input and involvement as concerned citizens of the world that realize that we can no longer ignore that children and families are in crisis. Please keep an eye  on the heart4kidsadvococayforum.com website and the Heart 4 Kids Blog for the information forth coming on the progress of moving the organization forward. The influence of the organization is felt throughout the world as children, students and parents grow and thrive.


Heart 4 Kids

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