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Embracing The Gift of Parenthood~ Available Now at Barnes & Noble Online!


What's it all about?

From the author, Elizabeth Evans, founder of Heart 4 Kids: 
Loving, Laughing, Playing and Communicating...That's what it's all about.  In this book, "Embracing the Gift of Parenthood", I will share with you my interpretation of the gift of parenthood and my perception of how it is a lifetime covenant... We have the responsibility, as parents, to ride the waves and climb the mountains of the highs and lows of our childrens' lives with them. 

Sometimes we have to climb ahead of them and make sure the way is clear of interference and obstacles, stretching out our hand to lead the way out of the darkness.  Sometimes we have to walk side by side with them and merely be there as a companion.  When they have come fully into themselves, we can walk behind them as just a reminder to look back and remember from whence they come.  My prayer is that this will not only enhance your relationship with your child, but that it will ultimately enhance the quality of human beings that we are parenting.

Who are the Indigo Children?

Check out the podcast of Elizabeth Evans on You Tube to find out about our new generation of Indigo Children.  In the podcast, Elizabeth introduces her book for the inaugural book signing that took place on June 7th, 2009 at the Yvonne Burke Community Center in Los Angeles, California. 

Special Offer

Take your time and work through the process and insights that the book has to offer.  If you would like to schedule a seminar or presentation, please contact Elizabeth Evans at heart4kids@hotmail.com

Your first workshop or class will be free with your book order on Barnes & Noble Online.

Upcoming Publications

The Children's Bill of Rights is a book that Elizabeth is currently working on that will be the foundation of the Hearts 4 Kids Advocacy Organization.  It is being driven by the desire to bring attention and action to the plight of children globally.  Elizabeth invites your input and involvement: 
"As concerned citizens of the world, we realize that we can no longer ignore that children and families are in crisis.  Please keep an eye on the website and the  for progress updates and information about how we can work together to push children's rights forward, starting in our own home communities and stretching across the world."
If you feel that you want to have input into this conversation about the rights of children, please feel free to contact Elizabeth through the "Contact Us" link or via the "Heart 4 Kids Advocacy Blog"  page on this website. 

"Embracing the Gift of Parenthood:  How to Create a Loving Relationship with Your Children"
By Elizabeth M. Evans

Available now at Barnes & Noble Online! 

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